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Foldable knob design for easy to store and take pan


-Innovative and patented flexible mechanism to adopt different thickness pot body

-Adopt among Stainless Steel and Aluminum pot and wide variety of thickness

-Could be used for diverse thickness from 0.6mmT to 4.0mmT

-Safety locking mechanism: two steps to release; Prevent to let us get hurt during the careless handling

-Comfort fingers placing area

-Adjustment ring below the handle could be tuned from 0.1mm-6mm

-Single pot body with PP lid for refrigerator storage


-Rainbow colorful handle

-Practical space saving concept

-Special handle design to prevent the scratches on the pot

-Solid stackable design for both pots and lids

-Mono Tone on stainless design with practical space saving function

-Foldable knob design for easy to store and take


-16×8.5cm Casserole

-20x10cm Casserole

-24x13cm Casserole

-26×6.5cm Fry Pan



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