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Cosmic Fire Pan: Completely non-stick cast iron Saucepan

Kitchenware material: cast iron pot, aluminum alloy handle, silicone heat insulation cover

coating: environmentally friendly non-stick coating

performance: completely non-stick, No layer drop, no deformation

Certification: TUV Rheinland Laboratory (TUV) LFGB FDA abrasion test certification

size: 9inch diameter 24CM weight: 0.9kg

10 inch diameter 26cm 1.2 kg

11 inch diameter 28cm 1.6kg

12 inch diameter 30cm 1.9kg

Package size:50*34*12/3kg  3box/Carton


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Quality durable cookware makes cooking easier and more fun.

Cosmic Fire pans are produced utilizing all-in-one molding cast iron processed

with a state-of-the-art die casting and polishing technique which includes five polishing processes.

As a result, the pan surface is very smooth and completely nonstick so the coating stays on all the time,

no matter whether you are frying eggs or pancakes.

We only produce the most environmentally friendly and durable kitchenware




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