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Royi AI technology company was established in 2017 at the time of rapid development in the era of smart products. After 5 years of growth, We factory have independently mastered R&D, design, mold opening, production, manufacture,and strict safety testing in a smart home. We are deeply engaged in Smart home, in the field of household applications, developed coffee machines, kitchen waste recycling machines, smart sweepers, and a series of products such as cast iron pans, enamel soup pots, smart pans and cooking foods. Our research and development purpose is: always do The products that users most need, the safest, the most practical and the most intelligent applications. And all products have passed European and American TUV certification, UL CE FDA, LFGB, and other whole food testing certifications.

We look forward to customizing different styles of products for customers around the world, and experience For a one-stop solution, please trust our R&D strength in artificial intelligence, temperature sensing, voice interaction, environmental detection, and automated programming. Now royi company develops 2 industrial designers, 1 home UI designer, and 2 electronic solution engineers. A technical R&D team consisting of 1 programmer and 5 sales personnel, as well as a team of 25 in the production workshop, a total of 40 people, look forward to your Trusted supplier. We will not be afraid of difficulties and will always be with you all the way

The total area of the pan factory is 22,336², with a total investment of 50 million, 40 die-casting pot workers, 80 polishers, and an annual output of 3 million


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The coating of the mixture of low-temperature enamel technology is being promoted to achieve the non-stick performance and long-term use of cast iron pots, while avoiding the use of harmful substances such as Teflon. You can enjoy the delicious fun and non-stick characteristics of cast iron pans while using cast iron pans. It is not easy to deform or drop. This kind of pot can be smokeless, does not require seasoning, and is very environmentally friendly. Has applied for invention patents and passed TUV certification

A smart pan that can sense the real-time temperature of a cast iron pan is being developed. The temperature change of the pan is sensed through the sensor, and the degree of cooked food of the pan is understood in real time, and then the temperature change is sensed in layers, and the excessively high temperature will pass The real-time red warning on the display flashes to improve safety during use and will not burn the food in the pot.

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