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月度归档: 2021年8月

Graphene cast iron pot customized exquisite color box packaging

Royi Smart Home focuses on the development and production of high-quality kitchenware, cooking utensils, and has been constantly innovating and making the ultimate product experience. We can also customize our own LOGO color box packaging for customers.We look forward to becoming an excellent supplier of smart homeware and kitchenware.

Graphene coating spraying process

Graphene coating: Add fillers, black powder, graphene and other raw materials to the silicone resin, stir evenly and disperse at high speed, then grind the zirconium beads, continue to add resin, additives, etc. after 45 minutes to an hour, and disperse for 20- 30 minutes, filter and pack, bake at 280 degrees for 10 minutes, filter pre-treatment with 150 mesh filter, smooth sandblasting, smooth surface, non-stick pan, no layer drop

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