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Ordinary fluorine-containing pots and utensils at high temperatures will produce pungent oily fumes, and harmful substances that may be inhaled to cause cancer. Cosmic pan’s Our pan is made from a mixture of organic resin and graphene which can withstand temperatures as high as 300-400°C. As part of our process we coat the Saucepan with the mixture and roast it under 280°C for 10 minutes so the coating is resilient enough to be used under high temperature without falling off, hence it does not contain any harmful materials like PFOA or PTFE, actually a non-smoke pan, This will not affect your health. And it has passed the food inspection and certification of TUV Rheinland Laboratory in Germany, and the results show that there are no harmful substances, which has reached the best quality non-stick pan in kitchen utensils  cooking in the world Saucepan

Quality durable cookware makes cooking easier and more fun. Cosmic Fire pans are produced utilizing all-in-one molding cast iron processed with a state-of-the-art die casting and polishing technique which includes five polishing processes. As a result, the pan surface is very smooth and completely nonstick so the coating stays on all the time, no matter whether you are frying eggs or pancakes.Cosmic Fire has passed the food-grade full inspection test by the German Rhein Laboratory (TUV) of FDA, LFGB, and abrasion hardness test.

Environmentally Friendly Coating

Human beings continue to explore the universe and land on the planet, seemingly far away and close by their side. The cast iron Saucepan of cosmic fire ignites the fire of life on Mars, opens up children’s curiosity, and integrates life and science. For Humanity health, we add graphene to the resin to enhance adhesion, strength and toughness, improve thermal conductivity, make the surface smoother, stronger adhesion, not easy to delamination, more prevention of carbonization, and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting.

Production Process

Using advanced cast steel molds and intermediate frequency electric furnace technology, the national standard No. 24 pig iron is smelted into molten iron at 1700 degrees, and then the molten iron is pressed into a shape with a two-ton pressure cooker matching steel mold. The polishing process is to repeat five processes of die-casting the pot blank. Polish the blank to be flawless inside and outside, as smooth as a mirror surface, spray the adjusted graphene paint and bake it at a high temperature of 280 degrees for 10 minutes

Cosmic fire pan
with you

What They Say


Eco-friendly pan

“I use many pans which are very sticky, and high temperature will produce pungent smoke, but the hot pot of the universe does not open the range hood nor smoke. It is very smooth..”

Sarah Albert

Nonstick coated pan

“I bought a carbon steel pot from kickstar, but it is deformed and distorted, so I still like cast iron pots. The Cosmic Fire is completely non-stick and easy to clean and maintain..”

Kevin Martin

Real smokeless pan

That was my younger son cooking breadcrumbed, cheesy potato balls in olive oil, good non stick  The cosmic fire has no smoke at all, only heat. so it can cook different flavors..”

Aimee Martin

Environmentally friendly coated cast iron pan

Why do we want to make a graphene Saucepan? We know that there are too many Teflon-coated pans in the market. The list of carcinogens published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization is a preliminary reference. PTFE is in the list of three carcinogens. Moreover, the coating is not easy to decompose and will discharge poisonous water to pollute the environment, so the United States has banned its use. Therefore, the market will produce skillet of various materials, such as carbon steel pipes,  Ceramic skillet,and aluminum pots, but these pots have a short service life and are prone to deformation and sticking. Cast iron pans are also prone to sticking and rusting.
After a lot of experiments and tests, Low temperature enamel and graphene materials have the characteristics of fast heat conduction, flexibility and smoothness, as well as high strength and strong adhesion. Very suitable as a coating for pans. And has passed the German Rhein Laboratory (TÜV) LFGB/FDA/abrasion-resistant,food-grade full inspection test

Portable Design

Permanent use

No deformation at high temperature

Smooth without Drop layer

No PFOA or PTFE harmful substances

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